Hunx for Saint Laurent


Watch the trailer for M.I.A.’s controversial unreleased documentary before it’s pulled from the internet again. Reblog the shit out of this.

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infinity crush – honest


im staying at some family’s house to take care of their dog and the acoustics are really nice here so i decided to record this song that ive been working on. things are very tough. sorry this is maybe the saddest song i have written. i love you

i found you in the patterns of the weather
the clouds that come apart and move together 
the rain was warm like the time you told me
i have name or no heart i’m just this body
love me well, laugh when i’m choking
love me to hell, mock me when i’m hoping for you

the snow on the car on your last birthday 
and you say my name like you want me to stay
i am so lost in this world without you
you kept me still you kept me warm and brand new
touch me again like that way you promised
ill never cry ill never be honest for you

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rei ayanami’s room

scan from the ryohji kaji book (out of print)


i had a dream / september 2014